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Pool Game Packages -

How it works.

Packages 1 to 5 (Reading & Leeds)

These shorter Pool Game Packages are based around four basic accommodation packages in the City of Reading, 30 minutes west of London (Packages 1,3,4 and 5) and 1 module staying in the City of Leeds (Package 2).

We give you an accommodation base for the first few nights on tour. We deliver you the match tickets - officially. In certain packages we supply you with a rail pass to get you to and from the stadiums. In others we bus you to and from the stadium or you make your own way there on public transport with throngs of other fans. You can make your own flight arrangements to and from England, when and how it suits you.

Once you have purchased an Accommodation Package you can then look at the options for extending your stay. Call Gullivers if you are considering this and we will try to help you with additional match tickets subject to availability.

Britrail Flexi-pass’s and London Transport Oyster Travelcard’s, when included with an Accommodation Package, can provide you with transport to and from these extra games.

Packages 1, 3, 4 and 5 include the following

  1. A pre-loaded London Transport Oyster Travelcard. (Packages 1, 3 and 4 only)
  2. Three or four night’s accommodation including breakfast as specified.
  3. A 4-day Britrail Flexi travel pass. (Packages 1 and 3 only). See ‘Your    Britrail FlexiPass’.
  4. One-way transfer between Heathrow Airport and Reading.
  5. Category D match ticket(s) and all Rugby World Cup 2015 official    match ticket distribution rights fees and administration fees for the    match tickets included with the package of your choice.
  6. Access to any additional Rugby World Cup 2015 match tickets we    may have subject to availability.
  7. Services of Gullivers Sport USA staff at our Reading HQ/ticket     distribution Hotel.

Package 2 includes the following

  1. 3 nights hotel accommodation including breakfast in Leeds.
  2. Category D match ticket and all Rugby World Cup 2015 official match   ticket distribution rights fees and administration fees for the match    ticket selected with module 2.
  3. Access to any additional Official Rugby World Cup 2015 match    tickets we may have available.
  4. Services of Gullivers Sport USA staff at our Leeds HQ/ticket     distribution Hotel.




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